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Designer  |  Couturier  |  Stylist  |  Artist

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Federica Pritz is passionate about making women feel confident, beautiful and stylish with her own fashionable line of clothing. With decades of experience, she knows how women of all shapes and sizes can be negatively affected by a number on a clothing tag.

So she created her fashion label for all women, Federica Pritz, that is truly one size.


How can this be true? Can one garment really fit such a wide range of people?


Federica Pritz clothing, primarily jackets and ponchos, are not only stylish but incredibly versatile. They can be worn in a variety of ways to create flattering curves and silhouettes that can make you look and *feel* beautiful.

In addition to her clothing line, Federica offers a number of services including wedding alterations, graphic design and chalk & window signage. Take a peek at what she has to offer and don't forget to view her portfolio of curated art from watercolours to inkwork to beautiful, ornate chalk design. 

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