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Marble Surface

OUR Story

Federica Pritz, the owner and creative director behind her brand, trained in fashion design in her hometown of Mendoza, Argentina. Emigrating to Canada over 15 years ago, she spent a decade working in high end clothing and apparel industry in Montreal before settling on the west coast in Vancouver, BC. 


The brand federica pritz, is the creative culmination of her many talents including timeless and comfortable fashion, art, chalk work and signage, graphic design and more. With her wide range of skills, Federica designs beautiful, elegant and meaningful work with ease and grace. She strives to build confidence in women, embraces creativity and shares a message that blends humour, kindness and body acceptance into her distinct brand.


Passionate about the environment and sustainability, Federica re-uses fabrics and materials and maintains a minimalist lifestyle while focusing her love and attention on family, friends, good food, great wine and big laughs.




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